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15 Legit Online Jobs for Teens to Earn Money

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Do you have a bored teen who is looking for a creative way to burn some energy? Maybe you’ve got a teen who would like to earn some spending money for movies, dates, and other activities. If so, you may be checking around to see if any online jobs might be a good fit.

Online jobs for teens are a great option for several reasons. First, these jobs are great for teens who don’t have their own vehicles. Instead of having to walk to a job or ask their parents or friends to take them, they can simply turn on their laptops and start working.

Another great reason why work at home jobs for teens make a lot of sense is because many of them are highly flexible. A teen could do a little work when he or she has some free time from school and other activities like sports, gymnastics, and dance.

Let’s take a look then at several options teens to earn money. The majority of these can be done online, but I have also included some options for teens who drive and have access to vehicles.

1. Online Survey Sites

Completing online surveys is one of the easiest jobs for high school students online that there is. Although each survey probably won’t pay very much, the amount can add up as you take more of them.

Most online surveys are not difficult, and many teens can complete them while also watching TV, listening to music, or doing something else. They are a great way to earn some money while passing time.

Why do companies pay people to take online surveys?

The reason why companies do this is to try to improve the products and services they offer. Information from customers on their likes and dislikes is highly valuable, and companies are often willing to pay for this information. This helps them design better products and offer services that people are really interested in. In short, the information helps companies make more money.

Most survey sites allow teens to participate. Some only work with adults, but many others only require survey takers to be at least 13 or 14 years old. Before you sign up, be sure to read the requirements to make sure you are eligible.

It’s free to register for these sites, and users are typically paid one of two ways. They are either paid through PayPal for their efforts or they are paid by gift cards that can be used to buy things. Some survey sites give you the option of choosing one or the other.

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites for teens, offering many different surveys. The length of the surveys varies. The site gives you the option of being paid through PayPal or gift cards.

Swagbucks is another popular survey site for teens. The surveys Swagbucks offers are very similar to those offered by Survey Junkie. The interesting thing about Swagbucks is that surveys are not the only way to earn money on the site. Teens can also earn money by doing online searches, playing games, watching videos, and doing other things.

MyPoints is another website where you can earn money by completing surveys. Points earned can be exchanged for cash through PayPal or for gift cards.

Opinion Outpost is another great option for teens. Signing up is quick and easy, and points can be redeemed for gift cards or money through PayPal.

2. U-Haul

U-Haul is another great option for teens who are at least 16 years old to earn money online.

U-Haul uses remote customer service representatives to help their customers with scheduling issues, to answer questions, and for other customer issues. They do hire teens for these positions. All you need to do this work is a computer, headset, and a reliable internet connection.

With this position, you will need to work at specific hours. Aside from the fact that the position is remote, it is a regular job. Although it’s possible that these hours may conflict with school hours or other activities, this might be a good option for homeschool students.

3. Sell Products on Etsy

Etsy is a website where you can sell a variety of products including handmade creations, antiques, print on demand merchandise, and other things.

If your teen enjoys arts and crafts, for example, he or she may be able to set up an Etsy store to sell handmade products online. Making products is a great creative outlet, and your teen will also learn about entrepreneurship by being a small business owner.

Selling print on demand products on Etsy is another great option for your teen to consider. With print on demand, you don’t have any products to ship. You hire graphic designers to make unique designs for you, which you then upload to your Etsy store.

Each design you create or have made for you can be sold on many different items including t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, and other items. When a product sells, you order the item from Printify and have it shipped directly to the customer. You never have to touch the product.

4. Flip Things on eBay

Another great opportunity for teens that is partially online is to flip used items on eBay. People sell things all the time that are undervalued. Items to flip can be found at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, and online at Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and other online sites.

With this strategy, it’s best to go after items that can be sold for a lot of money to maximize your time and effort. Instead of going after something you can buy for $5 that can be resold for $20, for example, it’s best to go after items that can be bought for $50 – $100 that can be resold for $200 – $1,000.

Flipper University is an online course that teaches you how to start and run your own flipping business. It covers everything you need to know about flipping used items for profit including best practices for sourcing, listing items, shipping, and other things.

The best thing about getting your teen started in the flipping business is that it’s something that can eventually turn into a full-time career. Rob and Melissa Stephenson, the couple behind Flipper University, now earn six-figures flipping used items.

Check out the free Flipper University webinar to learn more about flipping things you source locally for profit.

5. Sell Print on Demand Products

I briefly mentioned in the section on Etsy that it’s possible to sell print on demand products on the platform. But to sell those items on Etsy, you need to use an outside printing company and order the item each time it sells.

There’s an easier way to sell print on demand products.

Several websites allow you to upload your designs and have them placed on different products. When your product sells, the company takes care of everything. They print the product, pack it, ship it, and even handle product returns.

CafePress is a popular print on demand company, and RedBubble is another great option. Some earn full-time incomes selling these products, although it takes thousands of designs to get to that level of income. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for seller accounts with either company.

The great thing about selling print on demand products is you can use the same design on multiple platforms. For example, if you have a design based on pug dogs, you can upload the same design on several different platforms to potentially get more sales.

It’s very inexpensive and easy to find t-shirt designers on Fiverr. A search for “t-shirt design” turns up many options.

6. Online Tutoring

Do you have a teen who is patient and enjoys working with others? If so, online tutoring may be a great way to earn some extra money.

SameSpeak is a company that teaches English to people from all around the world, and they hire teens who are at least 16 years old. SameSpeak connects tutors with students who need help with their English skills.

Tutors don’t need to know every rule of English grammar to succeed in this. Rather, they act as coaches who guide people in conversational English. Lessons are only 30 minutes each.

7. Instagram

When most think of Instagram, they think of it as a place where people share random pictures from their lives – and nothing more. But did you realize that it’s also possible to make money on the social media platform?

To earn money on Instagram, you do need a strategy. It isn’t as simple as posting pictures of your cat, vacations, and your meals and watching the money roll in. To get started earning money on the platform, it’s a good idea to review a guide to making money on Instagram before you get started.

8. Be a Voice Over Artist

Many companies need people of all ages to do voice over work for different projects. It could be for a TV or radio commercial, a cartoon, or something else. You don’t necessarily need an amazing voice to do this work. In fact, some clients prefer “authentic” voices and accents.

Although some voice over work will require you to travel to a recording studio. It may also be possible in some cases to do the work from home and submit it online.

The Voice Finder is a website where those needing voice over artists can search for talent. You can create a profile on the site and upload sample recordings so producers can check you out.

9. Start a YouTube Channel

Did you know that many YouTube channels earn a lot of money? Some channels earn six-figures, and a few YouTube video creators have become millionaires.

Although your teen probably won’t become wealthy with a YouTube channel, it is still possible to earn some money on the platform through their advertising program.

There are several different ways that YouTube videos make money, but the most common is through Google Adsense. These are the ads you see over videos while watching them. Two different types of ads are commonly used. In the first type, money is earned when someone clicks on an ad. And in the second type, money is earned when people watch a short video.

If your teen is thinking about starting a YouTube channel, it’s important to keep in mind that it can take a while for a new channel to start making money. It’s not a fast way to generate income.

YouTube requires a channel to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of videos viewed in the past year before the channel can qualify for advertisements. It can take a new channel a while to satisfy those requirements.

10. Review Things

Slice the Pie is a website that allows you to review commercials, songs, fashion items, and other things before they are officially released. Companies and artists value the opinions of reviewers, and they use the information they obtain to make important business decisions.

The amount you make per review varies, and it also depends on your star rating. Those who are 1-star reviewers, for example, will not earn as much as 5-star reviewers. The pay is typically a few pennies per review.

11. Pet Sit with Rover

Is your teen crazy about animals? If so, pet sitting is something you might want to consider.

This is an opportunity that is partially online and partially work-at-home. The online part is Rover, a website that connects people who need someone to watch their pets with people who are willing to do the work. Although Rover is primarily about dog sitting, it’s possible to land cat sitting gigs on the platform, too.

In addition to landing work pet sitting, you can also use Rover to find work house sitting (for people with pets), dog walking, and doggy daycare where you stay with your clients’ pets in their homes.

This is an opportunity for older teens. You do need to be at least 18 to register for an account on the site. Rover states that it’s possible to earn up to $1,000 a month as a pet sitter.

Rover lets you set your own prices and work on your own schedule. To make sure you are competitive, you can browse other pet sitters’ profiles to check their rates. Rover also has a handy app you can download for your smartphone so you can easily access the site wherever you are.

12. Deliver Food for DoorDash

This another hybrid online and in-person opportunity, and it’s also one that requires teens to be at least 18 years old. The opportunity is delivering food for DoorDash.

DoorDash is best for those who live in major cities. You can select your own hours, making it a highly flexible opportunity for those who are still in school or have other obligations.

To be a DoorDash driver, you do need to have your own insured vehicle and have a clean driving record. It also requires a background check.

In some ways, DoorDash is similar to Uber. You download an app to your smartphone and check it after each delivery to see what’s next.

13. Offer Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people offer various freelance services including graphic design, writing, voice over work, data entry, and many other things.

If your teen is good at writing, for example, he or she may be able to set up a profile and write articles for people. Or if your teen is a talented artist, offering to draw things for clients is another possibility.

Although Fiverr originally started as a place for people to offer their services for $5 a gig, the platform has since changed, and it’s now possible to set your own prices. To be competitive, be sure to see what others are charging for similar services before setting your fees.

14. Be a Social Media Manager

Companies of all sizes now have accounts on various social media platforms that they use to market to current and potential customers. It’s necessary to post regular updates and interact with people who are following those accounts to promote the brand. Many companies, however, don’t have people on staff who are in charge of managing their social media accounts. They often outsource this work.

If your teen enjoys spending time on social media, this might be a good way to earn some money. Your teen could offer to post daily to a company’s social media accounts and check them several times a day to make sure everything is taken care of. Pay will vary depending on the size of the company and its marketing budget.

15. Combine Opportunities

Who says your teen has to do just one of the opportunities on this list? Why not earn more money by doing two or more? For example, your teen could take surveys in his or her spare time, flip products on eBay, and also sell print on demand products.

The great thing about some of these opportunities is that they teach valuable business skills. Don’t be surprised if they spark an interest in business in your teen – an interest that could result in your teen studying business in college or starting his or her own business.

Opportunity Abounds

There are many ways for teens to make money online. Some of these opportunities, of course, pay more than others. Also, some are online jobs with companies, while others are business opportunities.

Online jobs for teens are a great way for teens to spend their free time. Instead of playing video games, watching TV, or staring at a mobile device, teens can use their time to earn money. Some of these opportunities can even be put on resumes to help them land other jobs in the future or launch a career.

Experience matters to hiring managers, and the sooner young adults obtain work experience, the better. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the work your teen is doing could be laying the foundation for a great career in the future.

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